Charles River Bass Report

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bass Report for August 14 2005
Location: Charles River, Medfield/Millis MA
Time: 5:50AM - 12:00PM
Weather Conditions: Overcast skies, 80's and very humid to start. I'd call it "wet dish rag". The day wore on to be very hot and humid with a HUGE thunderstorm late in the afternoon.
Water Conditions: The water was warmer than last week by a little and the level, though it looked higher was definately lower.
Total Catch: A little over 20 top 25 fish. 1 Bluegill, three nice Pickeral and the rest were average sized Largemouths.

The river again gave us a good day! Today was the first that my son joined us as well. "The boy" did OK his first time out fishing rubber worms with 2 keeper bass.

The start of the day was wet, humid, foggy and about the best conditions you could ask for! I started with a torpedo and Mark started with a new toy, the bleeding shad buzz bait.

This buzz bait was just the right colors being black and red and made enough noise that Mark hammered them all day with it. I'm sure he was pulling in some reaction strikes from the bass because if he missed his cast and it wasn't just right in location there was nothing. But, keep it in the strike zone and it was a killer!

My torpedo also produced well on this overcast morning. both topwaters worked well through the morning. I even caught a bluegill on the torpedo! That was a first.

Anyway, we switched more to worms as the morning wore on with the occasional topwater cast. The worm fishing was a bit sluggish but it was hot and the water was very sluggish too so I think the bass were just lookin to chill in the cover on the banks. Whatever the case Mark and I managed to pull in our share with the worm.

Meanwhile the boy had some fustration trying to work the worm. Like most 12-year-olds he is infinitely impatient so it's hard to get him to slow down and work the worm in the cover slowly. Torward the end he was starting to understand just what goes into foshing with a worm and he was having some fun!

In all it was a productive day and I think we learned some with the buzz bait. I tell you, if you don't own one of these beauties, go out and get one! They are a blast to fish and cause great strikes!

On the way home Mark and I discussed the buzz bait and we both agree. It ranks up there with the torpedo for hits and it seems as though the average sized fish was bigger fish to fish on the buzz bait compared to the torpedo.

That's it for now.

See you next week,

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bass Report for August 7 2005
Location: Charles River, Medfield/Millis MA
Time: 5:50AM - 12:00PM
Weather Conditions: Overcast skies, cool temperatures mid 60's to start moving up to the high 80's. 10 to 20 mph winds as the morning wore on.
Water Conditions: The water was cooler than last week by a little and the level noticably higher.
Total Catch: About 20 fish. 1 Bluegill, one nice Pickeral and the rest were smallish Largemouths.

Summary: This was a tougher fishing day. Most of the reason for the tougher conditions was a very nasty storm we got on Friday night. The storm dumped a signifiacant amount rain and brought another cold front. Mark and I also decided to go downstream today past the Dover Rd. bridge and the Bay Colony train bridge instead of our usual upstream direction.

Mark and I both started with torpedo topwater baits. Mark caught 3 fish in the first hour or so but they were small largies, well below keeper size. I was again skunked in the first hour and a half.

About 7:30 the clouds started to break up a bit more and there was more sun then clouds for the rest of the day. I began to throw old faithful, the stealth worm (Berekley power bait red shad) with still no sucess. Mark caught another on the stealth worm and this one was a keeper, but bearly.

After this I started to catch fish. All it took was a switch to the Yammamoto Senko (green gold flake). By the time Mark had his fifth fish I was all caught up with my fish all pretty small as well, a few keepers but the rest were to small.

Just before turning back we came to a nice fallen tree snag. This was the most productive for both of us with Mark pulling out 2 and I pulled out 3. All of this in just about 2 minutes!

The way back was uneventful with only one Pickeral being caught by Mark. All in all the river is a bit deeper in this direction with numerous hidey holes, cut banks and trees and brush in the water. It will be fun to go back this way again.

Next week we are planning to move downstream and put in in Needham. Until then....

Keep on fishin!
Eric Wiz...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Got the trolling motor last week which made this week's trip a bit easier. I got a lot more fishin in and a lot less paddling of the canoe. Now to the report

Location: Charles River, Medfield/Millis MA
Time: 5:50AM - 12:30PM
Weather Conditions: Overcast skies, cool temperatures low 70's (cold Front). Calm winds that picked up toward the end of the day.
Water Conditions: Relatively warm water but unusally low levels. Calm, very little current.
Total Catch: About 30 fish. 2 Bluegill the rest were Largemouths. No Pickeral today.

Summary: It was a great day on the river! Let's just get that out in the open right away!

We started out the morning with topwater lures. I was using a Jitterbug and Mark had a Torpedo. Mark was hauling in some small bass but I had nothing for the first hour or so, except for a bluegill who hit the jitterbug. Never had that happen before.

About an hour and a half in we both switched to plastics. Mark with the killer stealth worm (Berekly Power Bait - Red Shad) and me with a green flake Senko (Gary Yamamamoto 5" Senko). We both fish these lures the same, weightless with oversize worm hooks 4/0 or 5/0.

Mark was catchng a fish about every ten minutes, some smaller fish but many in the 1 to 2 1/5 pound range. I was still being blanked. I had it in my head before we even started to use the red shad senko but I didn't have them with me. It did start a discussion about color though.

Fourty minutes and about six fish for Mark later I switched to the killer stealth with green flake (same red shad berekly but with the flake) and BOOM! I stared to hammer them myself! We have always had good luck in this river and always with this color. Next week I may paint a jitterbug red and black and see if it produces.

Anyway the day continued good and we traveled upstream with no more then maybe fifteen or twenty minutes going by without a fish for one or the other of us. We ended up going further than we have been upstream thanks to the motor and we found some real prime bass hangouts. One branch snag in particular yielded four fish for us.

By the time we turned to head back we were both in double digits for fish and easily would have made limit in any tourney. I chose to just drive on the way back and Mark caught a few more including the catch of the day 3 to 3 1/2 pound bucketmouth.

All of this on the red shad colored berekly worms. In addition to the topwaters and the worms we threw spinnerbaits with red trailers with no luck.

That's it for this week.